Mouth Opening Exercise Device, Mouth Jaw Opener Heister and Exerciser

UNIQUE Mouth Opening Exercise Device. Mouth Jaw Opener Heister and Exerciser


Physio-therapeutic Rehabilitation Device for Oral Sub mucous Fibrosis, Trismus, Oral Cancer and Guided Mouth opening

  • Patent Pending, innovated by 20 years experience Award Winner Dentist Dr Bharat Agravat
  • Clinically Tested, Use by Dentists and Cancer Surgeons for patient
  • Mouth Jaw Opener and opening exerciser machine, Mouth Gag
  • Made of high quality stainless steel. With screw thread mechanism mount opening can be increased easily
  • Managed by Smile in Hour– Indias first Dental start-up to get listed in DPIIT Recognised startup and developed the Oral-care and Dental Product and Services.
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Innovation By…..

UNIQUE Mouth Opening Rehabilitation Exerciser Device. Mouth Jaw Opener Heister invented by Dr Bharat Agravat. He is Cosmetic and Implants Dental Surgeon setting new benchmarks of excellence with 18 distinguished awards, 20 years experienced.

UNIQUE Mouth Opening Exercise Device use with Mouth Opening kit is giving good result. OSMF Mouth Opening Kit treatment @ home™ is a pioneering and path-breaking Do-it-yourself combo of mouth opening medicine tablets and mouth opening exercise device,

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—– UNIQUE Mouth Opening Exercise Device. Mouth Jaw Opener Heister and Exerciser ………..Smile In Hour®…….. we can serve you better. THANK YOU for shopping with us!

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