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EndoDeck™ System procedure Smile in Hour India

EndoDeck™ Patent Pending Technology in pursuit of improving the efficacy and efficiency of Advanced Endodontic Procedure, as well as the patient experience. single visit root canal treatment (RCT) Procedure.

Root Canal Treatment in 30 min Painless Single Visit Procedure I China Patient.

Single visit RCT, Lava 3M Crown ! USA Patient Review High quality work in very short time india

About EndoDeck System by Smile in Hour

Endodeck System offers the following Advantages:
– One-Visit Procedure
– Computer Guided Technology
– Minimally Invasive
– Effective Cleaning
– 3D Obturation system


  • Reduces patient inconvenience – No Fear,
  • Reduces operatory turnover – Quick,
  • Reduces risk of viral exposure – Safe

EndoDeck system Service procedure by smile in hour india

Educational Opportunities

EndoDeck™ Procedure Patient Demonstrations

Smile in Hour® invites you to watch Dr. Bharat Agravat perform the EndoDeck™ Procedure live, and gain an in-depth understanding of what sets the procedure apart. Dr. Agravat is an EndoDeck System innovator, and these videos offer an inside look at how the EndoDeck Procedure effectively locates and cleans complex portions of an array of patient root canal systems.

Dr. Vaibhav Chauhan on the EndoDeck™ System by Smile in Hour®

Dr Vaibhav Chauhan, discusses the EndoDeck™ Procedure and the increased efficiency that has allowed him to eliminate the second visit for him root canal therapy patients and double the number of patients he is able to treat.

EndoDeck Endodontics Continuing Education Course

EndoDeck™ Academy offers a range of high-quality programs, events, and dental courses structured on interest and skill level. Explore our educational offerings—from endodontic innovation Discovery Sessions to peer-to-peer learning experiences—and register for the opportunity that suits your needs.

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